Estetica elementare


A new editorial project edited by Giovanni Ferrario. The handbook dialogues with emerging issues in the fields of the arts and aesthetic studies. Developments, interweavings and experiments in the artistic fields of recent decades have prompted or reopened questions that require innovative disciplinary approaches and methodologies. Aesthetics, a philosophical knowledge complex in its genesis and structure, is called upon to develop its own new physiognomy. Simplicity, discursiveness, use of examples in relation to works of art will be the ingredients of the volume, without forgetting the roots and history of a discipline that in the contemporary world has remained the only voice to give ‘sense’ or deny ‘sense’ to art. Each chapter poses some fundamental questions around this knowledge, articulated in paragraphs dedicated to antagonistic terms or in a relationship of significant otherness. At the end of each chapter, two anthological excerpts bring together different theoretical positions on the same question, varying the point of view and soliciting a critical stance from the reader. Accompanying the text is an iconographic section of works and four chronogeographical maps of aesthetic culture conceived in a transcultural horizon. With essays by Andrea Balzola, Guido Boffi, Stefano Catucci, Annamaria Contini, Luca Farulli, Giovanni Ferrario, Giuseppe Jiso Forzani, Marcello Ghilardi, Antonio Loreto, Maddalena Mazzocut-Mis, Mariagrazia Portera, Elena Tavani, Stefano Velotti.